Saturday, February 13, 2010

Week 6 2010

Another week and I feel like we are still trying to find our groove, or in better words a groove that *I* like. I was really focusing on different ways to try and occupy Robbie better. He is at the point that he actually does enjoy a workplace just for him and things to do that are his.
The beginning of the week I scrounged to find the pieces of preschool materials I had dating back to Mary. I've added a couple new items, put everything in easy to grab plastic bags and plastic tubs. Now I just need a place to store it all. Sorting and rearranging all the homeschooling stuff is next on my agenda.

Cooking Lessons - educational & delicious!

My mom came through town for a quick whirlwind visit to try and beat the snow. She brought with her a child-sized folding table and chair set she had. That way I can now set up a table for Robbie and Emily to use and put it away after school.
This week we did manage to finish up the Revolutionary War in our history study and begin our new science topic, The Solar System. The beginning of the week we were much more focused on our daily work...Mary began working in a new Grammar workbook and Katie asked to go back to weekly spelling lists. By the end of the week we focused on History and Science...I really wanted to finish the Revolutionary period and was excited about the new Science. Plus, I was really working at organizing and trying different things with Robbie.

We had more snow overnight last night...a wonderful wet, heavy snow that should soak every bit of clothing the children try to wear outside. I have to actually drive in this stuff today as we will be picking up GS cookies today and sorting them for the troop. My southern, home-body self is not looking forward to this.



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