Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wenesday Art Classes

On Wednesdays Mary and Emily have been taking art classes at the local rec center. I wasn't expecting A LOT and really signed them up as something to do during the winter when soccer wasn't happening. Emily loves art; drawing and creating. Mary has always been more into crafts, and I had to encourage her to go to the class at the beginning.

Mary has ended up LOVING her art class. She only has one more week, because after this it will be full force into soccer season. Last night she came home with this:

DH and I are really impressed with what she has been able to learn through a rec class. See the detail:

She is carrying over what she is learning in art class to her schoolwork here at home and is talking about submitting some work to a children's magazine.

Since I have no artistic drawing ability it would be wonderful to see her continue working on this side of herself.



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