Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm really tired...

of being tired. The winter has seemed like one long, energy-draining blur. I'm so wishing I was on a warm, quiet beach somewhere soaking up lots of Vitamin D. One of the lovely things about living in NC is our winter. We normally get a little cold, a few chances to see snow, but otherwise it is normally mild and sometimes even warm. This winter has been COLD. I don't remember the last time or temps even got into the 50s. Then there is the rain, and snow, and melting snow. Outside is one large mud pit, that the children are trying to bring inside one shoe sole at a time.

I've already told my kids that the first pretty, 70 degree day we have I am declaring a holiday!

It is the middle of February and I have done nothing. Nothing! To prepare our garden bed. It is such a mud puddle right now we can't even work in it. In another few weeks I should be able to begin planting...but I have not even been motivated to think about gardening this winter.

On the plus side we have had a good beginning to this week for school.

Mary and Emily are cutting out the Chinese Lanterns to hang. All the kids (and even a few extra) helped us decorate for the Chinese New Year.

Enjoying their handiwork.

Everyone enjoying preschool!

Working on her Science Notebook. She will not let me see it until it is done.

Emily really enjoys her MEP Math lessons

Robbie likes the counting bears & cups

Last night we also finally finished sorting through the girls cookie orders. Thankfully the majority rode of with DH in the car to work today. Only a few are left to deliver the friends and family!! Still have lots of cookies to help the troop get rid of. Our booths have been horrible, what with the bad weather and bad economy. I'm afraid when it is all said and done our troop (and myself) will end up losing money on the cookie sales. I know that I am already going to have to buy more cookies than I had planned on.

The little ones have already set up their table and pulled out the preschool boxes. I guess my day is getting started!



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