Friday, February 05, 2010

Week 5 2010

I wish I could say that this was the week we got back to normal and the children suddenly morphed into all sweetness and light. Ah, no!

Instead, I had a little thing called irony visit me. After fussing for two weeks about how the public schools having Mondays off interrupted our schedule and made the week more chaotic...the ps kids were off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I trudged ahead, regardless, as my very unlucky kids do not have their education held hostage by the weather.

Monday, I think their little brains were fried by all the snow as Mary was incapable of remembering any math from the last two years and Katie couldn't manage to sit in a chair without falling out of it. After that tough day, each day this week got a little better.

I've switched around the schedule a bit, now we will do History and Science on alternate days (except for reading). It will give us more time to work through projects. And, hopefully science labs will stop falling through the cracks.

This week:
~ Katie finished clocks & calendars in Math!! A very happy day for her.
~ Mary is multiplying 3-digit numbers
~ Mary worked on noun-verb agreement
~ Continued working on narration and dictation with Mary
~ Katie is learning how to do dictations
~ Completed History Pocket set on Causes of Revolutionary War
~ Covered beginning of Revolutionary War
~ Mary read: "Daniel Boone", "And Then What Happened Paul Revere?",and "Adventures of George Washington"
~ Katie finished reading her Fairy Book and began reading "The Littles"
~ We read about weather forecasting and weather maps
~ Mary and Katie completed their last week of Weather Class at the rec department, and gave a presentation to the other parents.
~ Emily made her book on Animals of China
~ We read more legends of China
~ I thought about doing K'er Math with Emily, but she was too busy doing 1st grade level math on the computer????
~ Emily is having fun reading through her Bob Books and the HOP readers
~ Robbie snuck onto the computer every chance he got. He has figured out how to get himself to Starfall and PBS Kids on his own (we really need another one (or two) computers in this house)
~ I spent the beginning part of the week comparing different history programs to decide which one I wanted to tweak to actually use
~ I spent the end of the week comparing Grammar programs for next year to decide which one I wanted to try...and which one *I* actually understood
~ Planning and then rescheduling GS Cookie booths for this weekend, then picking up cookies in the rain today
~ Playing geography games and Apples to Apples with the kids who are tired of being cooped-up inside the house.
~ Mary is in stage 2 of her rock tumbling...they already looked very nice after the first cycle. She has jewelry ideas for several rocks and is waiting for Mamaw to come visit to take her shopping at Michaels.

I am thrilled that Mary read so many books this week!! It is such a huge improvement. I found that she HATES starting a new book, but by the time she gets to the middle of the book she will not stop reading until she is done. I am totally doing a happy dance!!

The week is over and I am ready for the weekend!!



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