Monday, March 12, 2012

Difference in Hen Breeds

Our first flock of hens included four different breeds out of five hens. Those five were calm, content to stay on the ground and very quiet. Our four new hens are all Rhode Island Reds, the breed I had originally decided to have. These four are very proud, strutting around and showing off their flying ability. They are also adventurous. We've had to fish them out of the woods three times already. The RIRs are also very vocal, especially after they lay an egg. We all know when they have left us an egg (which is often).

Today, following several nice days in a row, was a red-letter day. We got 9 eggs today from 9 hens!!! They were so ready to lay two were trying to share what has become the favorite box and a line was forming.

We got four eggs in a 30-minute period. These girls can produce....



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