Thursday, March 08, 2012

Local Meat Find

As I was saying last night it is becoming more important to us to eat Real Food, limiting the amount of process food that comes into the house. But, it is also important to me to eat locally as much as possible. Produce, in season is easy enough. Can't get anymore local than our backyard, and there are lots of full produce stands and farmers markets. This past summer/fall I tried to put away produce to help us through the cold months.

Meat has been the difficult part. With an already tight grocery budget it is hard to pay some of the premium prices vs. grocery store on meat. I totally understand why good local meat should be more...just hard to fit into our budget. Well, grocery store meat prices are soaring!! Our mainstay of ground beef is quickly becoming unaffordable on a regular basis.

Today we stopped by a new-ish produce market here in our town. Cute little place re-using an old '60s gas station. They have meat stocked by a local farm and imagine my surprise to see that price per pound it was almost equal to what I am finding in Food Lion or Kroger lately. We bought a lb of ground beef to try tonight. I really hope that between cutting back on our meat and not spending as much in general at the grocery store that we can afford to continue supporting local meat producers.



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