Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Big Step for My Kind

I have had an accout with Blogger for almost a year now, but have not done anything with it as I tell myself that no one could be interested in my life. I still don't think anyone will be interested, but I enjoy lurking so much I have decided to join the "Land of Blog." I am looking forward to a place to talk about the cute things and not so cute things that my little ones do.

About us: I am a 30-year-0ld SAHM with three girls. The oldest is MB who is 5, then Kate is 2 and finally little EM who is 1 month old today. Up until a year ago I worked outside the home. I was happy in my job and my life, until suddenly (or really not so suddenly) I wasn't anymore. I began hearing a new call in my life from God to be home with the two girls (at that time). Totally fearful I decided to chuck my life in marketing and the family's health insurance and come home. It has been the best decision. Since then we had an unexpected pregnancy, little EM, and my husband lost his job, which was really scary, then found a new one with better benefits. We have totally been blessed beyond belief this year.

With coming home I also entered the world of homeschooling. When I pulled her out of her daycare last year she was attending an excellent Jr. K program, where she was being pushed to start school in August 2004 even though she has a late birthday. Intellectually she could have been fine, but I was hesitant and I knew that if I held her back and kept her in the same program for another year I would have had trouble with a child who gets bored very easily. So I began to homeschool her and not to forget Kate, we have also been having our own preschool program.

We have a very unschooled/classical approach to homeschooling. I let the girls
guide what we do according to their interests, but also try to introduce them to the classics through reading right now. MB also attends a Christian-based preschool three mornings a week, which I absolutely love since it gives MB the time to socialize, a need I became aware of, also it has done a great job introducing her to biblical stories and themes.

Although I really enjoy HS, we have decided to give our local public school a try and MB will start Kindergarten there next summer. But we will supplement her ps education with a continued classic approach and focus on her science interest.

So, although I am not a homeschooler in the truest sense, I am in full support and would not hesitate to homeschool if we find we need to, or it becomes the better option for us.

I truly believe in the guiding hand of God in my life and try my best to listen for His will and what He wants me to do. We are members of a Moravian Church, where we celebrate and learn.

I hope that some would like to drop in and have coffee once in awhile, and I would love to meet ya!


Jess said...

Hi Amy! Welcome to the addictive land of blogging! ;-)

It sounds like you really have submitted to God and let Him lead your life, what a blessing!

I'm curious to know more about a Moravian church, I have never heard of the name before. :-)

Keep letting Him lead, and blogging about it and thanks for the link to my site!

Anonymous said...

Hi there....welcome to blogging...I have enjoyed reading what you have written so far....came here through Jess's blog....keep it up!!!

A family of six living and learning. You might catch us outside in the mud or working on crafts. We always seem to be on the go, come on and join us.