Sunday, January 23, 2005

Crazy Kids/Loving Kids?

I know it is the weather and being cooped up for so many days but my kids have really become the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde wannabes. Since the little snow on Wednesday they have been up and down on Momma's irritation meter. Our weather has been cold and icy, not really good for getting out to play, not to mention that I don't want to venture out with Little EM. One minute MB and Kate are playing nicely together the next they are rolling around on the floor like they are the world's worst enemies. I know that part of it is that Kate is now 2 and she has decided that she is not going to be bossed around by anyone, including MB. And, MB believes that she is the "Queen of Everything," an unfortunate side effect of 3+ years of Daycare in a class mostly of boys who would do her bidding.

As I watch them play, and yes, even fight I get a glimpse of the future. My heart pitter-pats. My sister and I are almost 6 years apart in age, and when I was eight she moved in with our Dad while I stayed with Mom. Now we have a really great relationship, but growing up I was an only child. I didn't get all that sibling stuff, the good and the bad. The girls have and share so much love between them that even when they fight I know that they will be okay. Not that it doesn't drive me up the wall most of the time.

It has been a good few days. MB and I have managed to get back on a reading schedule. I am glad I put it aside for awhile because now she is taking more time and working through the difficult things, whereas just a couple of months ago she would just quit and huff away in frustration. The hardest part for me is that she wants to memorize and "just know" everything right then. Sounding words out is hard for her, because she really doesn't want to put the effort into it. "Just tell me what it is!" is what she often said to me. On Friday she picked up the third Bob Book and read it through to me. She would pause and study words, sound them out and be very hesitant. She was so excited for herself when she did it. I was elated. I knew that she had worked at it, as opposed to the past when she would just memorize books based on the pictures. This time she was reading the words. We did a happy dance around the den. Then last night she actually asked me for some new sight words to work on learning!

In addition to the reading we have also filled our time with some art and science, two of the girls' favorite activities.

Here is a picture of some pipe cleaner figures. This project was totally imprompto. I was working in another room when MB brought them to me to share. MB created the pink dancer and the fish. Kate did the black figure.

On Friday's I have generally tried to do some science-type project. This was one that showed that cold water is heavier than warm water. In the back jar is a white balloon that sunk to the bottom of a jar of warm water. the front jar shows a balloon tha floated because it was the same temperature as the water in the jar. We talked about the science of it a little, but the girls enjoyed it because they got to play with water balloons. Ah well!!

As for us adults we have spent some time working on projects around the house. We finally got doors back on our laundry closet. It is nice to walk by and not see the mess in there. We have also been exploring options in replacing our 20-some yr-old shower stall that is disentegrating on us. Over the last few months I have been really trying to weed through our belongings and get rid of a bunch of stuff. The effect on our lives has been wonderful. With 5 people and a dog we don't have enough space to hold onto things for the sake of keeping them. Now that we aren't tripping over stuff so badly anymore it is wonderful. I still have a few more rooms to tackle, but I am looking forward to it and not dreading it!

Back to work, the natives are beginning to get restless.

Stay warm and safe!


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