Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Welcome!!

I am so excited. Someone has actually read my blog already. Thank you Jess for the welcome. I wasn't sure how long it would be before someone found me, or if anyone would for that case. It is a big blog world out there.

Jess wanted to know more about the Moravian Church, and if you are not from the Pennsylvania/Ohio area or the Piedmont of North Carolina you probably would not know much about the church. It is a mainstream protestant church with pre-reformation beginnings. I grew up in the Episcopal Church and married into the Moravian Church and if I personally had to describe the Moravian Churches I have attended I would say it is a blend of Episcopal, Methodist and a little Baptist, especially here in NC, although it is older than those churches. Here is a link to the Moravian Church website if you want more info

I will be down one child this weekend, my oldest is going to visit her cousins. I know it is horrible to say, but I am looking forward to a somewhat quiet weekend. I know that I will miss her and by Saturday wishing she was home. But today I am looking forward to some time that I can spend with the other two and my dh. MB is the child we always have seemed to be in more prayer over. She has a tendency to be wound up a little tighter than the rest of us and craves attention. I don't think since she has turned 2 (she is now 5) we have been able to go more than 3 hours without some type of fit or argument over something. We have even burned through one kitchen timer with her and the second she took apart and hid the pieces so we couldn't use it anymore. One the flip side she can be the most empathetically, caring person and because she is so capable, the biggest help with her younger sisters. I am amazed many times by what she is able to do on her own and how much she really wants to help. The best word to describe her is MORE!! This has led me many times to my knees to pray to find the way to most meet her needs while also reining/tempering her in some. All that said, peace in the house for 48 hours will be nice :).

It sounds like the girls have had enough "free play" time to go guide them in a new direction.

If you do not stand firm in faith, you shall not stand at all. Isaiah 7:9


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