Monday, February 26, 2007

Garden Today!

Once the fog burns off and the sun comes out, it is supposed to be a pleasant mid-'60s day here. We put some manure into the garden bed on Saturday before it began raining so everything should be good to go.

The girls are excited that the day is finally here. They love our little garden patch and, like me, are thrilled that we are trying something new this year. I've arranged our school day, isn't it nice we can do that, so we can spend most of the afternoon outside. Can anyone say hands-on science. Saturday they helped daddy plant the blueberry bushes and kept talking about all the things they were going to do with the blueberries. I doubt we have a crop this first year - not to mention there are only two bushes and we will not be rolling in the blueberries. But, it is fun to dream. When we go to the mountains this summer I want to take them blueberry picking - they will enjoy that.

I'm just happy that we have 90% of the household population feeling back up to speed. Luckily it has only been a late season head cold, but one-by-one we all came down with it and spent a couple days each feeling gouchy and sleepy. Now, if I can just find the time to get my tooth fixed so that will stop wearing me down. This is the same tooth that I had something 'temporary' done to it in November - I wasn't supposed to wait until nearly March before going back.

While everyone has been under the weather I have taken advantage of some time to just sit. I finished another grocery bag - a little better than the first, but still needs work.

When I went out to buy some large knitting needles for my new project, the craft shop had my favorite cotton yarn on sale for $1 a ball. So I picked up 7 more in some Spring colors - new washclothes & more bags are coming.

Speaking of my new project. I am making a new rag bath mat from some older towels we had in storage. The heavy towel strips are difficult to knit, but it is moving quickly. So far I like it.

I think the size is going to be on the smaller side, but that is okay because our master bath is pretty small and our existing bath mats are so large they partially cover the air vent.

Better go start the day so we can have time for everything.



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