Friday, February 02, 2007

MB left on Wednesday for the coast to avoid this

Not quite as impressive as a couple of weeks ago. But, instead of waking up to it - we actually got to watch it snow this time - which is picturesque. K & Em are not all that impressed with snow, so they were only out for 15 minutes or so before they want to come inside and have hot chocolate. I tried having a fire and spent about 80% of my day from 9am until 3pm trying to keep the darn thing burning. For some reason it just didn't want to burn. Thankfully, we don't have to depend on my firekeeping skills for survival - thank you PSNC.

About this time, MB should be at my father's house packing up his suburban for the drive to Florida. She is so excited about the trip. They actually leave on the cruise tomorrow morning out of central Florida. They are going to visit the Turks and Caicos Islands and then stop in the Bahamas. Some day I might actually get to visit some of the places my own daughter has gone.

Since MB is gone DH and I have actually been able to have the 'school' discussion that has been on the back burner when MB is around. We already know how she feels about it - but the adults needed to have the discussion without input.

I was pleasantly surprised by the discussion. I *know* that DH wants MB to go to school next year, but in the discussion I actually was able to get a better feeling about the whole thing. First of all he doesn't want her to go to school because he is unhappy with how things are going here. In fact he is very, very happy - which is great since he originally was hesitant, but willing to give it a try. No, he thinks MB should be given the chance to try school - since she is so adament about wanting to go. But, should we have any problems or MB want to come home after the first semester - then we will bring her home. He does want me to go ahead and have the WJIII test administered this Spring. We would not actually have to do this since we have a year from her 7th birthday - but he wants to have some idea where she is before she goes to school. I think he thinks that the school will actually work with her ability levels in certain areas - he has such an optimism about public schools.

Although I would prefer to not even get caught up in the whole school system, I am very happy that this isn't the end and if we are unhappy MB will come home. And, the kicker, I asked if he wanted K to be registered for school also since she will be in Kindergarten this coming year. He doesn't want K to go to school this year. He wants me to be able to take some more time to work with her, and K has no interest in going to public school. So, we will still be a homeschooling family.

I guess the thing that makes me the happiest about this is that DH was so hesitant about trying homeschooling and he faced a lot of grief from his family, but he has converted to the idea and philosophy of homeschooling. Even though he wants MB to try ps, and I understand his wanting her to try it sooner rather then later, he believes that homeschooling works and I truly think he expects us to be homeschooling for a long time.




Melora said...

I hope today's weather doesn't affect MB's cruise!
It's wonderful that your dh has become so supportive of hs'ing!

Kate said...

That's the open mindendness everyone needs to have. It's worth a try, and at least you know, in the end, you (parents) have the say in what's best for child and parent. Perhaps this is a good time since Jr. is is a baby and you technically still have a toddler and 5 year old. I always tell people 'you know your limits' and to go with that. Stand firm in what's best for you all. Your instincts will lead you. Have a great week!

Kate said...

PS - did your DH get a transfer yet? Any news on that?

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