Monday, January 29, 2007

Short Week

We seem to be having a lot of 'short' weeks around here right now. After this trip, though, we will buckle down until Easter when we take a short vacation for what I hope to be some outdoor learning.

MB leaves either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning - depending on whether we have weather move in. By weather, I refer to that wintery stuff that we southerners do not know how to drive in. Therefore, my mother will not be on the road if there is a 30% chance of it.

Speaking of MB's trip, my dad called me this weekend to ask me what educational benefits I was expecting or thought MB would be experiencing on the trip. I had not really planned anything beyond - take pictures and we will write up an experience journal afterwards - because then I will find out what she actually took from the trip. You know this is 'life' education. Anyway, they were searching for ideas because my step-neice has to have a lesson plan and educational benefit document given to the school before she can be excused from school. Thankfully, the administrator of MB's school (me) rearranged the vacation schedule.

Practical learning experiences could include:
~ cruise ships - those are a world/country all their own
~ government workings - customs
~ various tourist cultures
~ geography

This is my dad and stepmother, the kids are going to be enjoying shopping the straw markets and swimming.

Basically, I have a three day week. I am going to take a vacation along with MB the week she is gone. Do some early spring cleaning, finish prepping the garden for the spring crops and just in general enjoy my down time.

I also have to 'register' MB for publik skool. I don't want to - but I agreed to at least register her this year. Then I have to spend the next few months coming up with my arguments for DH of why ps basically sucks. Sorry, I just know that as hard as I find hs right now, ps will be five times worse. Bus stop at 7:00am, or drive to school at 8:00 (in both cases I have to have all the little ones up too), expected parental volunter times - 10 hrs monthly (sans other children), PTA fundraisers, homework, all extracurricular activities after school, more $ for clothes, socialization the ps way (*shiver*) and the bane of my existence, testing.

Sorry, for all the ramblings I cannot wake up this morning and get my brain clicking on all cylinders.

Have a good one,


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Melora said...

I'm sure the cruise will be a great learning experience! What a treat!
It looks to me like you are doing a marvelous job with your hs, but I'm sure it is draining. I love that hs'ing allows my older child to help teach his little sister as they work together at the table -- they have a much closer relationship than they would if they were in school. I know that having four children makes things much more complicated than with two (though I've always thought that four was the perfect number!). Your little boy is growing so fast, and so handsome!

A family of six living and learning. You might catch us outside in the mud or working on crafts. We always seem to be on the go, come on and join us.