Thursday, January 11, 2007


Another good school day - I am flabbergasted. Did she take my threat over the Christmas holidays seriously?? It is becoming routine - well it should after three years.

This morning we started with science. While we wait on our books at the library, I am letting her choose what she wants to do each day for science - as long as it is part of the Earth Science materials I have gathered. Today she wanted to watch the National Geo dvd Forces of Nature. She has been dying to use the dvd player my dad got her for Christmas - so I sent her to the office to watch the movie so I could do some things with K & Em. But, 10 minutes later she came in and wanted me to watch the movie with her because "it is soo cool." So, we all got to watch the video and find the places in the atlas.

After the video I told them that today was finally the day I felt like making floam. Really, something I have to build myself up to doing - do you know what a pain those little microbeads are to clean up? The one caveat was that all the schoolwork had to be finished and we had to be able to do it while Em & Jr slept.

Wasn't as messy as I thought it was going to be and the kids had alot of fun making it. Science & Art!!! The price was right up my alley too: .50c bottle of all-purpose white glue, borax (already had in the laundry room), water, food coloring and I did a bead-extraction on an old pillow that was sitting in the garage waiting to be dumped. We have plenty of supplies to do this several times over. Now I wait to see what they decide to "floam" in the house - I have already had to discourage them from making junior some hair.

Speaking of junior, anyone want to see a new picture of my big boy. You don't, just close your eyes and scroll on past.

Sorry about the 'red eyes' my camera sucks. I have the anti-red-eye flash, yet my kids still look demonic in every picture.

Junior has gone through a huge growth spurt over the past month and is now in 3 month clothing. He is totally a people-baby. He wants to be held and talked to, he talks back with all sorts of very funny facial expressions. He loves to be on the playmat and have his sisters play with him - and they are really good with him. I knew MB & K would be fine, but Em I was a little worried about - they are doing so well.

Tomorrow we will leave routine behind for a day, keep your fingers crossed. My in-laws want to see the kids and I need to go grocery shopping - first trip to the store this month (I am trying to be good).



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Dy said...

I'm glad you all went in and watched the video. What a great segue to the day!

The floam look... messy. Fun, but oh, my! Did they enjoy it as much as it looks like they did?

Junior is SOOOOOOO stinkin' cute! Oh, my word, Amy. He's beautiful. Thanks for all the great pictures!


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