Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year = New Books

In our little self-created world, it is the beginning of our new school year. MB, on paper, begins 2nd grade and K enters kindergarten. MB's new math book awaits fresh & clean, her grammar studies will be a new lesson. But, she doesn' get a new teacher or a new desk. Our Earth Science study continues as we spend this semester studying ecology and our affect on the environment around us.

Today we really will not start off to difficult. Our whole week will be the transition period after having nearly a month off. They have gotten way to used to unlimited computer time, game playing and movies. Reincorporating structure into the day with out revolt is what I am aiming for.

I wasn't planning on school today, thinking DH had today off also. But, found out on Sunday that he did have to work. The neighborhood kids are back in school. Out of self-defense I think it will be better if we do start some things today. I'm ready, I'm excited. I needed the time off around the holidays - But now I am ready to tackle a new year.



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Jess said...

Hope you have a great school year!

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