Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Day 2

Well, the first day back to lessons is always better than the second day for us. And, why should it be any different this time?

Yesterday (Tuesday) I made it a light day. We played a few games in the morning and then went out to meet someone that I was passing some of junior's premie clothes on to. Since we were nearby, I gave the girls (and myself) a treat and we had lunch and some play time at 'Chicky-lay'. When we got home MB got down to business and finished her math (some fun review pages out of an enrichment workbook) and did her reading. That was pretty much our first day back.

Today my plan was to add in two more of her subjects - but still nothing new. The day started off well enough. MB got up this morning and made spice muffins for us all. The only help she needed was for me to run the mixer. But, when it was time for school - she fell apart.

It is so frustrating because I just don't understand, still what sets her off. I have tried so many approaches my head even spins. Again, it was the fact that K & EM did not have to sit and do schoolwork just like her. Yet, even when I actually try to make that happen she falls apart because I am spending more time with them than her. Or, their work is 'more fun' than hers. Some days I wonder why I ever bother. Yeah, it was one of those days.

So, after I gave myself a few minutes, so I wouldn't hit the ceiling, we sat down to talk. Basically, the same talk we have had before. And she was so focused on other things I honestly do not know how much of it she absorbed this time. But, she did settle down and do her work for the rest of the day.

She did the first lesson in her new math book, practiced the cursive letters we had finished up with last month before the break, We read another chapter in Around the world in 80 Days (yes, we are still working on that), she did her reading & reading comprehension work. And I called it a day with her.

Once she was finished I could sit down and play some memory & dice games with K & Em. K is just growing and intellectually growing by leaps and bounds recently.It is great fun to watch & be a part of. Em talking and vocabulary has just shot forward in the last few weeks. The best part is how much fun those two have playing together now. I know that this may only last for the next year - and then K will want to be off doing 'big' girl things and leaving Em behind (much like MB has done with K over the past couple years) so I am trying to enjoy it for all that it is worth.

I better go and get things ready for tomorrow am. Day 3!!!!



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