Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I took a little blog break with our mini-school break. It was a nice, relaxing weekend. We enjoyed the kids that were home and MB enjoyed her skiing trip with my SIL.

I expected so much more resistence to school today, and was happy to find that everybody was geared up and ready to go. I purposely made the lesson plan a little lite today, but we got so much more accomplished.

MB pulled out her snap circuits and had a good time. We did an impromptu lesson on the difference in conductivity of fresh water vs. salt water.

And, after reading A North American Rain Forest Scrapbook by Virginia Wright-Frierson, we have decided that the next time we visit my sister on the west coast we have to go up to the Olympic Peninsula. If you have a chance to read books by this author, do it. Her illustrations of nature are beautiful.

K, since getting a boo-boo the other day, has been enthralled by how the circulatory system works & why. So, we spent some time going through books we have on the human body. MB surprised me by stating that even though she 'lost alot of blood' when she scrapped her hand the other day, it is all back because of her bone marrow. I did not even know she new how the body regenerated blood. I was impressed.

The day wasn't totally about science, either. MB and K pulled out some "How to Draw..." books that were mine when I was a kid, and spent nearly an hour working on cartoon characters & faces. I was impressed since we have spent no time on drawing skills. They won't when any prizes, but with DH & I as their parents they do start out with a disadvantage.

We did math and reading and writing lessons too. And, managed to find some time to bake brownies before going out to science club & soccer practice.

Here is a fun game to play in the car: pick a Classic Disney CD (those color ones - blue, purple, red, etc.) play it in the car and try to guess which movie which song is from - it is fun. I can't decide whether it is good or bad that my children can recognize so many of the songs from so many different Disney movies. We had alot of fun with that one driving today.

That is a quick recap of the day - we have about a week before MB leaves for her week-long cruise. So, going to be busy trying to get everything in.




Jess said...

OK it's official. MB is more travelled than I am! LOL

Glad you guys are having fun

Amy said...

MB is more traveled than I. I have never owned a passport - she now has one.


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