Monday, January 15, 2007

An hour

I have an hour until I have to pick up MB from her Spanish Class - what can I do with the time. K is firmly entranced with her Word Factory Leapster Game, EM is outside digging in the mud and Junior has passed out in his car seat after being fed. Since getting on the computer is something I can only seem to do when everyone else is occupied - I am here.

I was worried that Friday, getting out of our routine would be problematic. It wasn't. The girls had a good day and got to spend sometime with their grandparents. I got to do the grocery shopping by myself. We had some issues this morning over getting back to lessons - but not related to Friday. MB knows that her friends are off from school today and wants to know why she isn't. Generally, I would probably let her have the day off. But, she is going skiing for two days next week and then on the cruise with my dad the first week of Feb. We have already rearranged my planned spring break - so we have to do some work today.

Hopefully when she gets home from Spanish she will be in a better frame of mind. I did not load her up with stuff to do - so if she will just sit and not waste time fussing she will have plenty of the afternoon for play.

Each week we seem to have more and more to do outside the house. And, of course last week I added a couple more things to start, probably in Feb. I think we have a good cross-section of outside activities to compliment our homeschooling. This Spring we have: Spanish Class (Weekly MB), Science Club (weekly MB & K), Choir (Weekly MB & K), Wildlife Classes (Monthly MB & K), Soccer (Weekly MB), and Piano Group Lessons (Weekly MB & K - although two seperate classes). I am thinking that I need to get us a big soft-bag cooler to keep in the car as we are going to be spending quite a bit of time in it. And, as my mom pointed out, it is just going to keep increasing as the girls get older and the younger two become more involved in activities. Already K is asking to do soccer too - but I think that it is just because MB does soccer. K hates to play soccer when we play in the yard. But, she loves to play baseball with her daddy. So, I need to find the t-ball league, she will enjoy that much more.

I got my books from the library for our Ecology/Environment unit. I am excited to start that. We are going to study biographies for the first time with this unit and I am hoping to increase MB's writing practice. I am still looking for some fun movies and chapter books to add to the unit. I've thought about Hoot, but I need to read it first. MB is fairly mature in her understanding and comprehension - but it is a middle grades book.

I have thoughts of possibly doing some sort of environmental class/club with our hs group, as I have to do two things each year for membership. Spring would be the best time to do something like that so we can be outside - but I don't know how I could make it work. Of course I have also been thinking about doing some "community' activities since those are part of the Grade 2 course of study. I have way too many ideas and just not any 'idea' of how to actually make them happen.

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