Friday, February 16, 2007

Thursday was a much better day for us. Or at least me - the girls missed their sugar HI they had all day Wednesday. I almost blew it by forgetting the time for MB's piano lesson. Thankfully I happened to actually look at our calendar 10 minutes before class time. So, after getting everybody into the car with shoes in hand so they could put them on during the ride - we made it only 5 minutes late. Which is horrible for my child who does. not. like to make an entrance.

But, other than that we were able to stay home for the day. We needed (I) a slow warm up to the day. So, the morning we were pretty lazy. MB and I made pumpkin-spice muffins and I did a little financial figuring before just hanging out with some books. Which is probably why I totally spaced on piano.

Schoolwise we are staying on track and making some strides. Hooked on Phonics has actually been really good, especially for MB. My idea of having MB & K do it together has fallen out because MB wants to do 2-3 lessons a day, and she can do that many because right now it is all review for her. K is limited to about 10 minutes and we can spend two days on each lesson. K doesn't want to move as fast as MB and that is fine too. Generally after K's lesson she asks to play Starfall for a little bit - so she actually gets double phonics work.

I made some changes in our writing program. MB was fighting me so much in doing her writing exercises - not cursive practice - but writing stories & sentences. The problem she told me is that she doesn't like her handwriting because it is too messy. Where she gets that I don't know. I keep telling her how good it is and show her work from last year to show how much she has improved.

On Monday I told her that she could do her exercise on the computer. She had to spend twenty minutes playing with all the different type of fonts. But, after that, proceeded to do her lesson without problem. Yesterday she wrote a letter to her Granddaddy to thank him for the trip on the computer. I think we will keep going with it.

My main school issue right now is finding our next bit of literature to read. So far she doesn't like any of the ones I have suggested or started. That is our hole right now. I could force her to listen to something but, don't want to turn her off permanently, especially since I think that she will enjoy them later.

Other things going on, I have began my grocery bag. I only picked up the crochet hook this weekend for the first time. I practiced a few days and then decided to just jump into the project. It is going together really well. I am so excited about how nice it is looking so far. I will try to post some pictures later.

I've heard back from a organization I sent a bid/proposal for a project to. They want me to look over some details and take a transcription test (I'm a little worried as I havn't done transcription in 5 years). It would be a long-term project, but not too many hours per week. It would really fit into my life better than anything else right now. The money would be great in helping us get out of debt that much faster and begin our addition or house hunt that much faster.

Today is some errand running, a little school and some needed down time.



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