Monday, February 05, 2007

It is so strange around my house. We've reached that magical point where MB is no longer on a short little trip to visit grandparents, but that she has gone further and is away longer than ever before. It is also the first time, on a trip away, that she or we just can't pick up the phone and check in. How is she doing? Is she having fun? What has been her favorite thing so far? Or, even better, she hasn't climbed up the railing and fallen overboard into the sea?

K asks us daily "how many more sleeps until MB comes home?" Em last night was calling for MB as we put her to bed. We are just so used to being together, it is unusual for anybody to be gone for very many days.

I am getting lazy with MB gone. Not in the 'laying around eating bon-bons' kind of way (but wouldn't that be nice for a change). But, K & Em are so happy playing together or by themselves, that I can sit off to the side and read a book or knit for longer periods of time. And, if they are so happy & cooperating why interrupt with any sort of 'organized' activity. My mom had me check out some books from the library for her that her library doesn't have. So, I am trying to read those before I give them to her when she comes back this weekend. My shawl is actually about 3/4 of the way done - and I could actually have it done by the end of the week.

Some of our activities have been canceled this week - so it is a good week to just hang out. Take a February 'blahs' vacation. I feel so guilty - but it does feel really good to not be 'on' every minute of the day.



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