Monday, February 12, 2007

MB has returned back to us. Well, I think she has.

The child I got back has grown up alot in 10 days. The self-confidence she has gained from the trip is wonderful and well worth it. I think I may send her on a cruise every year for this much change in a short period.

The hair-thing is temporary, I am sure. She says it hurts to sleep on, but she wants to show all her friends before she takes them out. Her features look really nice with the hair pulled away from her face. If I can just get her to let me fix her hair more often. I was told that this active child sat for more than 1 hour to let them fix it.

She remembered to buy gifts for everyone and was excited to give them out when she came home on Saturday. We have just been enjoying the family thing this weekend. Nights in front of a fire, cuddles and reading books. Last night we had a movie night to watch Cinderella III that my mother gave them for Valentine's Day.

I did manage to finally finish my shawl. I did not complete it before MB came home, but finished it that night while MB and I visited and she told me about the trip.

Now, I am trying to teach myself how to crochet. I want to be able to make grocery bags like this. The free pattern can be found at the Lily site.

I am at that stage where I am trying to figure out why people say crocheting is easier than knitting. Way too many things to have to try to hold on to and my fingers don't quite want to work right. It is good for me to let MB see me struggling with learning something new. She can see that things don't always come easily, but when you don't give up things do become easier.

We are trying to get back into the school groove again, and my break is over. I just wanted to share that my family is again back under one roof.




Tobi Wolf said...

I can try to help you with the crochet thing. I did just learn to granny square.

I'll never understand how people say crochet is easier.

Tobi Wolf said...

There was more but I accidently hit return. I find knitting much easier.

I'm glad MB had a good trip.

Getting all those braids out is going to be a real pain for you both.

See You Soon

Melora said...

I'm glad MB is back, safe & happy. The hair is cute. Is she full of stories?

A family of six living and learning. You might catch us outside in the mud or working on crafts. We always seem to be on the go, come on and join us.