Thursday, June 12, 2008

Celebrating my kids

It may sound hokey, but I have really been enjoying all the kid-ness around me lately. I am so glad that I have kids that are just kids. When I am able to let go of expectations, expectations of myself and my kids, we can just settle in and enjoy what comes.

I've been cleaning up and cleaning out the past few days. Very reinvigorating considering the chaos that had become rooted in our home. Getting rid of all the excess, which I guess acted like background noise to the kids, has allowed them to rediscover old favorites.

Emily walked into her sisters' bedroom as I stood their holding an old Dora Backpack trying to decide if I should donate it to Goodwill or not. She let out a squeal of delight "Backpaaaack!" Who am I to resist, and so she trotted out of the room as happy as can be. A few minutes later I found her spread out on the floor, piles of paper & crayons in front of her happily making 'treasure maps.' For the next ten minutes or so I helped roll up the treasure maps while she every so slowly figured out how to secure them with rubberbands. Into Backpack they went. Then she recalled an old wrapping paper tube she had come across. She had her telescope/walking stick/weapon. And, I as informed that she was now off on an Adventure. Inside, outside, beds that became boats on the open water. It was so interesting that her older sisters really wanted to go on Adventure with her.

When Katie hasn't been Adventuring with Emily, or playing Nick Jr. (yet another old favorite rediscovered), she has been seriously at work building Roman cities with the wooden blocks. Then begging me to take pictures or getting the camera to take them herself.

There is just so much joy and excitement in my kids being kids.


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