Sunday, June 15, 2008

Family Reunion Weekend

Every Saturday before Father's Day my MIL's family gets together for their family reunion. This year it was held in Wilmington, which allowed us to just make a day of it and come home. DH and I were the only ones, besides MIL & FIL to represent our side of the family.

When DH took a look at this picture he took one look at it and said, "Our children have no shoes."
That's right my children wear shoes from the car to inside, once inside the shoes come off. At home, even in the yard, they tend to be barefoot most of the year. We just are not a shoe family.

Katie and Emily are holding their new prize possessions. Emily recently received a sock monkey to go with her new monkey fixation. And, Katie got another Schleich figurine to add to her animal collection. Mary couldn't show off her newest Barbie since she had her hands full with Robbie.

We had fun at the reunion...ate, talked, played, ate some more. After it wrapped up we figured we couldn't give up the chance to hit the beach for an hour or two before driving home. The kids had a great time playing in the surf. Emily who was leary of the ocean last fall was all about laying down in the surf this time and letting the waves wash over her. Several times today the girls have thanked us for taking them to the ocean.

Today, being Father's Day, we have just hung around the house. I tried to keep the children out of DH's hair as much as possible since he wrenched his back on Friday and all the driving on Saturday just made it worse. Mary and I managed to escape on a bike ride this afternoon. We rode down the greenway and made a couple mini-hikes along the way. It was nice to be back on the bike now that the oppressive heat has moved on for awhile.

I have a couple more days to get caught up on the chores around here before my sister and neice fly in for a visit and I take the children to the beach for a visit. We might try to get out for some activity tomorrow, as it will be our last chance up here for a couple of weeks.



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