Thursday, June 05, 2008


I think I am going to cry. Our May had to have been the most enjoyable, beautiful month ever...and this is where we are going to pay for it. I actually turned on the AC yesterday, the temps were bad enough, but when the humidity levels inside hit 70% I was afraid it might actually start raining inside.

Mary has her last soccer practice this evening; haha - right. I tried to get Katie to blow off hers as well. I mean here she is with all her friends over playing on the slip 'n' slide and she wants to go get all dressed in soccer gear and go out to the fields (it was 5pm and still 94-degrees). Check out the temp for Saturday - that is the day we get to spend 4 hours hanging out at the non-shaded soccer fields for "Celebration Saturday." It is a must, as Katie would be tremendously disappointed to not get her trophy. She is actually marking down the days on the calendar for this.

Clothing is optional at this point, water play is preferred, and it may be a good day to re-open the video vault to laze around.


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