Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Yesterday was a rough day. Katie woke up with a stomach upset and the younger two were suffering from eating way too many berries over the weekend & Monday. I know better but the weather was so hot that cold berries just seemed like a good idea. Everyone seemed wound up and couldn't really settle on any one activity - which meant a lot of bouncing around for me. So, when DH came home I disappeared for a little break.

I decided to ride my bike to the library. For the first time I had actually had my account locked. Thankfully I had enough cash to re-open my account, but I was flabbergasted when they printed off a list of five books I have had out since this past winter. Why in the world they didn't show up in May when I cleared my account that time I have no idea. They are all kids books, in fact all but two are Katie books. Katie is our little magpie and there is a very good possibility that those books are squirreled away somewhere in her room.

I am normally better than I have been the last six months with keeping things organized. I feel like I am always behind trying to keep the clutter in check. Things lately just seem to be falling through the cracks and becoming misplaced. It is driving me to distraction. I keep threatening to pack everything up again, like when we had put the house on the market. It just is such an overwhelming task to consider I keep procrastinating.

On the way home I stopped by a neighbor's house to catch up for a little while and thank her for sending over some school materials to add to our library. She told me that she actually did pack up the kids' rooms yesterday. She was so frustrated with everything being dragged out and not put away, so they sat down together and agreed what would go to storage and what they could keep.

Talking with her has really motivated me to start our purging job. Last night I pulled out on of the larger moving boxes and started sorting the play area. I filled the box with lots of misc stuffed animals and toys that the kids pull out but never do anything with. All the little free toys from fast food places and broken bits & pieces went into the trash bag. The area is all organized now and petty much limited to their Little People, which honestly is still a lot. This I know they play with , often. They also kept their Mega Blocks and wooden blocks. That is it for the play area.

Today I am going to purge Mary's & Katie's room. I am hoping to find the majority of the missing library books. Once that task is done, our library needs a good purging/reorganization. It is scary how many books and such we have accumulated this year.

If you don't hear from me in a few days I may be buried under a pile of debris.



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