Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day

We made it through our "No Electronics" Day. Several times I had to stop myself from running to the computer to check weather radar and my favorite forums. I found myself wondering "What's going on in the world?" constantly. The kids made it though okay, at least until 4:00. That is when they started asking for a movie or TV shows. Then the friends showed up and everything was cool again.

The first part of the day was really no different than any normal day. We decided to take a walk, and since I did need some things from the grocery store, that is where we went. Instead of the more direct route, we walked the greenway and totally enjoyed ourselves. There was a stream to wander along, birds to watch and discussions to have. To go to the grocery store and come home took us more than two hours. It didn't even dare to rain until we were safely back home.

Then we painted. Katie thought that since it was Earth Day she needed to paint a picture of the Earth. Of course all the others thought it was a great idea to paint.

While everyone else had quiet time in the afternoon, Mary and I pulled out the sewing machine and we finished her new shirt together.

We didn't do too bad a job for a bunch of amateurs.

She spent the rest of the afternoon involved with making little pockets (to hold her treasures) and doll dresses from some of the scrap pieces I have. Next up we are going to make a pair of capris for her. And, she has a friend that wants her to make a shirt like the one she has.

I was actually able to have some down time during the afternoon. It was nice to sit in the rocker by the window, listen to the classical station on the solar-powered radio and journal.

We are going to keep having no electronic days from time to time. It is good for us to remember the simpler things. And, I don't really need to spend time watching the rain heading for us or the stockmarket tumble. In both cases if it is going to fall, it's going to fall.



Melora said...

That shirt is darling! Well done!

Dy said...

Wow! That shirt rocks - you guys did a fantastic job!

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