Monday, April 14, 2008

Yes, We are home

It has been a busy weekend to wrap up our whirlwind trip. We had two soccer games on Saturday, with a 45-minute break between games. That made for a long morning at the fields for the little ones, and I even ended up bringing them home early for lunch and naps. DH stayed out there to watch Mary's game. Most of the season we have lucked out and Mary and Katie will be playing at basically the same time, or back-to-back.

DH did a really good job cleaning the house while I was gone, so I tried to spend some time keeping it that way. With a laundry basket in just about every room of the house, why are there still clothes on the floor - I will never understand.

Sunday a friend of mine was getting remarried, so Mary and Katie attended the wedding with me. DH has begun his seasonal weekend work and couldn't attend. A neighbor watched Robbie and Emily for us until he came home. I believe Mary and Katie were disappointed in the wedding. A wedding, in their minds, is one of those extravagant made-for-TV princess affairs. This was a second wedding for both of the couple and was very low-key with just family and close friends. But, they did get to play with several friends of theirs and eat cake & ice cream, which I am sure made up for it.

Came home to find DH doing my afternoon chores, with plans to take all the children out to the park. Wow- is it my birthday? Since I had library books due (don't I always) I hopped on my bike and rode to the library - ALONE. I was only going to return the books, but since I was there I couldn't resist a little browsing. When I checked out I actually went to the desk and paid my fines with some cash leftover from the trip. Now I can stop feeling like I am sneaking in and out and hoping that the self-checkout computer doesn't refuse my card.

When I got home I piddled on the computer pulling together some worksheets, maps, etc. for this coming week. Played a quick game of mahjong and so forth until it was time to make the pizzas for dinner. While they cooked, I pulled out a library book and sat in my rocker reading, without hopping up every sentence or two to help someone.

That was my weekend. Now it is Monday, after one week off and one week traveling. Give me strength.


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