Monday, April 28, 2008


Someday I may forget that there ever was a time that I felt the children would always need me to entertain them or oversee each and every activity at their demand. But, right now I am totally enjoying this new found sense of self-entertainment.

Some days I think Robbie is already feeling the pressure of living with all of us females. He heads out to his car where he will just "drive" for 15-20 minutes. Good thing it is a flinstone-powered car and not gas at the current prices.

Then there is playdoh. That wonderfully, crumbly material that I no longer allow inside my house. Have you ever seen a dog puke playdoh?

It is a magnet for the kids. You set one child up with two colors, and the next thing you know, everyone is out there and the whole box has been dragged out.

The highlight of the weekend though was walking into the family room and finding that the children had pulled down some of our science boxes. The science boxes are where I store all the bits and pieces of various science kits. My first thought was about the huge mess they were going to make with all the little pieces. But, then I saw...

Mary with a book open, following directions...doing it herself. In my personal life this is when you might hear the choir sing, honestly.

She started off with the AM/FM radio kit, but we could not find the resistor. She put that away and pulled out the human body model we must have bought about two years ago. I believe we put it away when I became frustrated over trying to fit a few of the pieces together.

A little time, a bit of chocolate and strawberry ice cream

I really didn't help her one bit with this. I was in the other room on the computer, except when I snuck in with the camera. And, she skipped the blood vessels, which really are a pain to attach.

It is a good thing the children were so productive this weekend, because I just wasn't. I managed to catch a cold and worked most of the weekend to just keep my head and ears from throbbing. I did some grocery shopping, working on restocking some of my stockpile and, well that is pretty much it. Really...I was a lazy bum.



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