Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday, Really?

In one way it feels like the week is flying away, out of control. We are good Monday and Tuesday, but then Wednesday hits and we actually have to leave the house...wheeeee! In another way, I have fooled myself into thinking it is Friday because in my frugal-conscience way I decided to do our grocery shopping today instead of Friday. This allows us to not have to drive anywhere tomorrow. So, again, what day is it?

I want to share a really awesome map link. I found this months ago, thought it would be neat to use at some time and then promptly forgot about it. I re-found it in my bookmarks when I was pulling things together for our China study. This allows you to print out really large maps by using normal paper and printer. You just put them together, like a puzzle, and tape. We have a 3' by 3' map of East Asia we are using and Mary really enjoyed the process of fitting it together.


Tonight we are making ice cream, after much begging on behalf of the children. After purchasing the needed ingredients to make a very, very simple chocolate ice cream, I have decided it is one of those things that is actually cheaper to by on sale already made, than made at home. Wow, has anyone seen the price of cream?



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