Thursday, April 03, 2008

Visiting Week

Well, what is it the say about "Best laid plans"? My organizing week has transformed to visitor week. We have had a lot of drop in visitors over the first half of this week. Some ex-homeschooling families we haven't seen in awhile and some, I believe, to be soon-homeschooling families who are looking for a little comfort. This doesn't include the revolving door to all the neighborhood friends coming and going.

Today I should have some relief, as everyone else seems to have other plans. Now I just need to get some motivation. We are all snuffling and coughing from the pollen that is just pouring down upon us this week.

I need to finish planning for the next six weeks after we return from our field trip next week. And, my craft supplies are screaming for some organizing. It would be so nice to come back from a week away and have everything functional and ready to go. Since I don't think there is a lot of chance of the wee little people coming over to help, I better get busy while I have the chance.

My personal, wee little people are now awake, so my computer time is over.


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