Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring Field Trip Day 1 & 2

We made it to the beach for our Spring Field Trip safe and sound. The trip down was really nice, even though we were on day 8 or so of cold, rainy, misty weather. Before we left we made one last stop by the library on Sunday and picked up a couple of books on tape for the drive. We listened to The Indian in the Cupboard on the way down. Never have the children been so into any book on tape as they were for this one. It was quiet, with no bickering for the entire 3 1/2 hour drive. Now Mary cannot wait for us to rent the movie.

Today was our Aquarium day. Of course the children would go everyday if we could, but on this visit it will be the only day we could make it. Mary has been talking about this visit for weeks, ever since my mother told her that they had a new Cow-Nose Ray in the touch tank.

This past summer, Mary got the lucky chance to see some rays at the aquarium behind the scenes that had just been hatched. Since then she has had quite an interest in rays.

We spent a good thirty minutes hanging out at the big tank. We let Robbie loose at this point. I had a blast watching him, I think he had a blast chasing the fish.

We ended the visit with one of those wonderful homeschool moments. Mary and Emily pulled out the sketch pads and colored pencils.

Tomorrow we will leave Emily and Robbie with my step-mother, while mom and I take the older girls to Tryon Palace (the colonial governor's mansion). The little ones would be bored silly, so they get to stay here and play.



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