Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Field Trip Wednesday

We spent most of Tuesday here at the house while the chimney was being repaired and cleaned. The children really enjoyed watching him work and asked lots of questions, and since he really is a good guy he enjoyed answering their questions and showing them exactly what he was doing. It was close to three when he finally finished and we could finally run to the grocery store. I really wanted to stock up on some more meat and chicken while the store was running their sale.

With it being the warmest day so far, we cooked on the grill and had our first watermelon of the year. Mmmm, sticky faces and fingers. I was convinced to move this old piece of furniture that has a due date already with the landfill to the back deck.

It does provide a soft comfortable sky-watching spot. But, what does it say about us? DH joked about bringing out a floor lamp so I could finally have that quiet reading spot.

Today, piano lessons were canceled, which provided the opening I needed this week for an actual field trip. After checking the weather and determining that we needed an indoor activity, we finally settled on the Museum of Life and Science. One of our very favorite hands-on science museums. I realized that it has been nearly a year since we had been there. The last time it was hot, hot, hot and I was carrying Robbie in the sling & pushing Emily in the stroller. Gee, I wonder why it has taken a year for us to get back.

This time I didn't have to carry anyone and only occasionally push Robbie in the stroller. We had so much fun...
Cloud Cauldron

A very active copperhead snake that drew everyone's attention

Watch that step! You might...

Honestly, he thought this was absolutely hilarious and did it all over again.

Whoever designed this little hands-on activity for toddlers did not have a son like Robbie. Yeah, I want to teach him how to open even more locks.

The butterfly always absolutely amazing.
This moth was just emerging from its cocoon.
Emily spent a lot of time matching up what she was seeing with her guide.

A little play time with centrifical force.

With the weather being what it was we skipped the outdoor animal exhibits and train ride for the day. We have a renewed membership, so we will be heading back soon.



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