Monday, May 19, 2008

Sleeping Like A Baby

You know this isn't going to be good, right?

Robbie went down a his normal bedtime last night, he really is so good about putting himself to sleep. I checked on him as I headed back to the bedroom, sleeping soundly. Good I was worn out from a busy weekend and looking forward to a goodnight's rest. I spent about 20 minutes journaling, turned off my light got comfortable...and he woke up. I got up thinking he just needed to be resettled, rubbed his back and he seemed to go back to sleep.

I went back to bed and had just fallen asleep when 30 minutes later he was back up. Okay, time for a dry diaper and a sippy cup with water (sue me, I want sleep). He settled back down, for a little while. Thirty minutes later back awake and this time he woke up Emily. I saw that this was not going to be easy, so I took him to the family room to see if he would fall asleep with me.

I spent the next hour or so being jumped on, kicked and head butted. He wanted to play with his favorite toy, which of course is the one you don't want any child playing with at 1 am. The lights were all off but that didn't stop him from running around.

I gave up near 2 am, but him back in his crib and hoped that Emily was soundly asleep. I hear him as I went back to bed, but was so tired that I passed out. My last coherent thought was that he will at least sleep late in the morning.

So, I was a little put out when at 6:20 this morning I heard laughing, giggling and banging coming from his crib. Robbie was wide awake, and very happy about it. Me, not so much.

Of course today we have to be somewhere at noon and I needed to be able to put him down for a later nap.

Sunday wasn't all about the lack of sleeping babies; Mary made the soccer team she tried out for last week and is so excited. Wait till she learns what it is like to attend preseason camps in mid-August.

And, DH bought himself a car. At least he completed negotiations. Tonight they are bringing the car to us and we are using the notary next door to sign over the title. My other chore today is to go to the bank and deplete our savings account. But, we may actually be able to afford to have DH drive to work again. I did this online calculator and it figured that we spent somewhere close to 20% of DH's takehome on fuel alone, and this is considering I normally don't drive but three times a week and make my tank last for three weeks. If all goes well this Honda will pay for itself in six months on gas savings alone.

Today is housework, errands, reading and maybe a bit of napping. Mary said that she wants to spend some time working on her China stuff, so maybe a little helping there. Otherwise a pretty normal Monday.



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