Sunday, May 18, 2008

Old things new again

This has been a week when the children have rediscovered joy and fun in their old toys. The basket filled with Barbie and My Littlest Pet Shop has been pulled back out and the two older ones have spent many hours creating quite involved scenarios. Lots of creativity at work, including building new houses and bedrooms.

Katie seems to take the lead in much of the creativity at work - her bed is an alter to creative, imaginary play. Every stuffed animal, doll and miniature has it's place on her bed and she will disappear, alone, for such lengths of time I begin to worry where she actually is. Mary will go play for awhile, but she cannot stand to be away from the activity in the rest of the house for too long.

Webkinz online has come back into our day also. Around Christmas it became all but impossible to get online so the girls just stopped trying. This week they wanted to get on again and have been happily finding all the new activities they have added over the last 5 months.

Mary had tryouts this week for the new competitive soccer team. I was not sure how Mary would handle three long nights of tryouts and then her normal rec team game on Saturday. She has enjoyed soccer this week more than she has for the last two seasons of rec play. She is trying out for what would be the first level of boy/girl teams, as opposed to coed. Several girls from her team are also trying out, and wow after a week of just playing with the girls their confidence was sky-high for the game yesterday. They had fun and were all over the ball. Mary didn't score, but had three separate break-away attempts. We will not find out for a few days if Mary made the team or not, but were told by the coaches that she has a pretty good chance.

I really need to figure out someway to record digital music so I can share with everyone Mary's attempts at composing her own music. She has such a good ear and has 'written' some nice pieces. Her handwriting leaves a bit to be desired so it is sometimes hard to tell what she has put on the staff. We found a printable source on-line for staff paper, so I am letting her compose to her heart's desire.

I'm faced with some 'end-of-year' activities I would like to complete, including the scrapbook of our year. It really has been a busy and exciting year for us. Mary will have her end-of-year testing in June, neither of us are looking forward to the stress this is going to create.

Today is R&R day. DH has to work for a few hours, Mary & Katie have a birthday party to go to and at some point we will hopefully go look at a car for sale. I'm just along for the ride.


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