Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A week

We have basically cruised through the last week. We are still working on our projects and added a few more activities into the mix. With the weather being so wet and iffy, we have been in a major movie watching mode. Catching up on all the movies we have missed over the last few years. Last week we saw Hoot for the first time. What a wonderful movie. I think before we took it back we watched it about 5 times and Mary wants to add it to the list of movies to buy. I really want the soundtrack as I love all things Jimmy Buffet. The DVD extras alone were great and educational. Following watching this movie we added another Carl Hiaasen book, Flush, to our reading pile.

This we week we have How to Eat Fried Worms and Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium.

My Mother's Day went well. Mary got up and fixed breakfast for me before I went back to bed for three more hours. I really needed to catch up on my sleep after burning my candles at both ends for the last couple of weeks. Once I got up, I took the two big girls shopping with me. I haven't been shopping, shopping for months, but I had a little bit of money to throw around and some items I have been wanting for a long time.

We started off at Border's for a little book browsing. I felt like I hit the jackpot in their bargin section. Mary picked up a magic kit and Katie a paintable keepsake box. I also found: an Atlas of the Human Body, Human Body Flip Chart, Grade 2 Math Activity Kit, Counting/Addition & Spelling (K-1st) Write-On/Wipe-off books, NC Gardening Book and two preschool/toddler activity books for Emily and Robbie.

We browsed through a few more stores, but the only other thing I bought for myself was a water filter pitcher thing for the refrigerator. We are all good about drinking water if it is cold, but don't care for straight from the tap. I'm hoping to increase our water consumption this summer by providing clean, cold water on demand.

Mary has pretty much locked herself in her bedroom to learn the magic tricks. Every little while we have a magic show. She isn't too bad.

We have also received a blessing this week. We've been looking at bikes to buy DH since he has started riding more with the girls, and so he can also transition from using the car for short errands. Yesterday we were offered a men's bike for free, which just happened to be a hybrid like he was looking at. We surprised him with it last night and I think he was surprised it was as in as good of shape as it was. Since we saved money on the bike we took a little of that and have ordered a 4-bike bike rack for the van/pathfinder. We were already having trouble loading Mary's bike and my bike into the cars, there was no way DH's 26-inch bike was going to fit. The possibilities are open for new summertime activities.

We are going to be a little bit busier than normal this week. Mary has tryouts for the Developmental Soccer League three evenings this week. If she makes this she will actually be playing on two leagues for the next year, as they want them to continue playing rec ball until they move up to the Challenge division. We also have the other normal end-of-year activities going on. Ahhh, Lazy summer days are around the corner.


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