Tuesday, May 06, 2008

How does your garden grow?

With a good amount of rain, plenty of sunshine and wonderfully-perfect temperatures, the garden is really exploding considering most of it was planted only a couple of weeks ago. Granted the tomatoes and peppers were transplants, but look at those beans! The background is our overabundance of lettuce.
More beans and lettuce (Emily got a little seed-happy with my lettuce seeds this year). The small containers are weeds, as I am trying to figure out what to grow in them this year.

This is my little patch of wild blackberries. I found it as I was planting the raspberry and blackberry bushes that I had purchased. It is going wild with blossoms. Have found several off-shoots from this plant and am trying to protect them from being 'weeded' out.

This is my cultivated raspberry. The picture isn't very good but there are plenty of blossoms here also .
One of my three blueberry bushes. If you look closely I have little green blueberries.

Ahhh, Spingtime!!!



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