Monday, April 18, 2011

Crazy Weather Weekend

The end of the week we kept hearing about the chance of severe weather for Saturday and had heard the reports of tornadoes further west. But, my concern was hoping that we could get our games in this weekend after having so many games cancelled and rescheduled this Spring. North Carolina generally doesn't have widespread, strong tornadoes. Historically, our tornadoes are weak and sporadic.

Saturday evening was very scary for us. The warnings started over the air as I was driving Mary and Robbie home from Mary's soccer game. Shortly after we came home the storm started blowing in and we began hearing reports from nearby towns of massive destruction. Watching the local news we saw live video of the tornado heading into the downtown area of the local city, just before we lost the station over the air.

We lived about 10 miles west of the track of one of the tornadoes, but throughout the storm we heard debris hitting the house and found insulation and shingles that do not belong to us scattered around the yard and on our roof. We spent most of the evening calling and checking in with family and friends. Everyone was safe, thankfully and did not suffer major damage.

I've just been trying to absorb the scope of the destruction. Never have I experienced anything as widespread and destructive as this...and I've lived through several hurricanes here in NC. DH went to work late this morning, not sure what he was going to see as he drove into a town particularly hard hit.

Amazingly, we got all the games in this weekend. Two soccer games and one softball game. I had to miss Katie's softball game as Mary had a soccer game at the same time in a different town. After Easter I will finally be able to see Katie play and am definitely looking forward to it. Randy told me the Katie and her team did really well. Katie played first base for part of the game (her most difficult position) and caught everything. She hit the ball well and had a lot of fun.

Mary's team had a game against one of the top teams in the league. Their game started just about the same time as a rain shower moved in and played in the rain for most of the first half. It was a messy, slippery half. The second half the rain stopped and the wind started blowing.

Opposing teams are starting to pick up the Mary is one of the bigger threats with her ability to move the ball. Which means that often she finds herself being covered by one of the bigger, stronger girls on the other team. And, I do mean covered.

Mary had a good game and worked very hard, but the team went down 4-0.

Sunday, Mary's game was late in the day. DH used the morning to replace the brake pads on the van. Robbie was very interested in helping his daddy.

Mary taught him how to tighten the lug nuts on the wheel. DH did go around and finish the job, but Robbie was very proud of being able to work with Daddy on the car.

We had a beautiful afternoon for soccer on Sunday. Our first game without gusty, strong winds all season. The girls had a good game, coming out and being energetic from the go for a change.
Mary played okay considering they had her covered from the beginning and after she scored two goals figured that the only way to stop her was to just keep knocking her down.

Now it is Monday morning. Time to get organized and pack for our visit to the beach for a few days. A chance for us to get away from everything for a little while and take a break.


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