Friday, April 01, 2011

Lake Pine Picture Post

After picking up Robbie from preschool we went over to the local lake for a picnic lunch and nature walk. Yesterday while driving I happened to see that the swan couple were back and wanted to see if we could find them.
Yes we did!
Along with these unidentified black birds
and a blue heron.
Emily scoping out the lake
The others chose a closer view
Here is one interested in our bread
They brought a few friends
Isn't this a gorgeous?
this too...
I ended up taking over 200 photos, so many good ones.

A true love pair...

Some canadian geese decided to get too close to their 'island'. Here is the male puffing himself up
before chasing the goose back to shore
We watched the swan chase the geese around for more than 20 minutes while his mate slept in the middle of the lake. Very exciting stuff for the kids and much more than I expected from our nature walk today.


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