Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Go Fly a Kite

Our Spring has been a real roller coaster weather-wise so far. We are learning to grab hold of these warmer, beautiful days to do something outside.A few weeks ago I had the children help make a bucket list of things they wanted to do this Spring. Near the top of the list was kite flying. Of course building our own box kite was with it on the list, but I'm not that on top of things.
This morning while Robbie was at school the girls and I were trying to decide how to spend our afternoon. I had promised a trip to the park, but what park? Emily remembered kite flying from our list and we all jumped at the idea.
Picked up some lunch, headed to the store for some inexpensive kites, pick Robbie up; and off flying we went.
We spent more than two hours just hanging out, enjoying each other's company and learning the tricks to flying kites. I think we will all admit that Katie was the best. She had her kite soaring & dipping, keeping it aloft for 10-15 minutes at a stretch.
Emily was frustrated at the beginning, but stuck with it long than any of the others and finally worked out the kinks to getting her kite up and away.

When we got tired of kite flying the girls could walk down to the duck pond, check out the amphitheater stage, play a few rounds of red light- green light or taking a nap.

Everyone is asking when we can go back for another afternoon of kite flying.


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