Sunday, April 03, 2011

Harris Lake Nature Walk

The weather was beautiful today after such a wet, cool week that we decided to take a family walk.

I had never been to this particular park yet even though it is only 7 miles away. It was built on land donated by the power company and the county did an excellent job.

Examining the shore line for turtles
Dried out cattails

An interesting exoskeleton Mary found
Brown water-snake sighting
This root system could serve as a shelter
An eastern screech owl we saw land in the pine tree top. A little blurry since I had the telephoto all the way out.
Remains of the one of the houses that used to be in the area. Mary found it interesting because the foundation was a collection of all different types of rocks found in the area.
This is the remains of a very old automobile that has become part of the ecosystem
Even the turtles found a way to enjoy the warm, sunny day

We brought home several samples to examine under our microscope this evening. Everyone found something to enjoy doing.


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