Friday, March 16, 2007

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Our beautiful weather week has come to a dramatic end with pouring rain all day and temps falling from 69 at 5:30 this morning to the '40s by this evening. I have not been inside much, and in fact trying to self-regulate the amount of time that I spend on the time-sucker that is a computer. I love spring, if for not anything else than the warm days and no bugs. Being able to open the doors & windows and let fresh air move through out the house. I really want to find a screen door to extend the days of open doors. It needs to be doggy-proof - Ginger dog is terrible on screens.

My spring garden is really coming along, seedlings, seedlings & more seedlings. Today's rainy weather should be a good blessing for it. The blueberry bushes have lots of buds and flowers, so we have not killed those, yet. The only thing I am disappointed in are the potatoes. I don't see anything yet. I can generally grow potatoes, by accident in the compost - but nothing here.

I think I am going to by some seeds next payday and go ahead and begin my tomato and pepper plants indoor, if I can find a safe enough spot for them. I have a couple paper egg cartons and am saving a paper oj carton, they will make fine starter pots that I can just but in with the plant. Mid-april is when we can generally plant the warm weather plants.

Instead of schooling at the kitchen table (actually we are more of the sofa schooling school - but this is for point) we have schooled this week at the picnic table overlooking the backyard. MB even took some of the knowledge she has gained through the environment/ecology project and help our nine-year-old neighbor build a model habitat for his class project. I saw the finished project and I am actually giving her points for it in our school. They did a very good job with it.

I'm kind of glad that some of our 'outside' classes and co-ops are already starting to wind down for the year. I am ready to get back to some homeschooling. We always seemed so rushed, and then I have to spend my time entertaining youngins while MB and/or K do their class. We actually have less time for the fun things in homeschooling. I am really going to have to reasses what we do and if (fingers crossed) we homeschool next year we are going to have less regularly scheduled classes and just do occassional & field trips.

Today we will be inside, no errands to run - Yeah (took care of that yesterday during MB's Piano). I need to give the house a really good cleaning as my mom is coming up tomorrow morning. Junior is being baptized on Sunday!! Oh, and the ants are trying to make their yearly migration into our abode and time to wipe those silly creatures out. My plan is to put the kids to work (already seeing a fallacy) and knock it out. Then we can have a movie afternoon, complete with popcorn and everything.



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