Saturday, March 24, 2007

Unschool Friday

What do you do on Friday to celebrate a very productive and successful week. We have fallen into the routine of unschooling Fridays. Generally we spend part of the time doing some big, end-of-the-week chores that are nice to not have to do on the weekends or we might tackle grocery shopping for the pay period. Then we spend the day letting the girls dictate what they want to do (within reason), generally games, computer time, a science experiment or even a movie afternoon.

Yesterday we didn't need to hit the grocery stores and not the inclination to do any big chores. It was warm (highs made it into the '80s) and clear skies. Time to head outside. MB and I discussed the merits of about 6 different parks we could go to, each with their own different habitat we could explore (some have marshes, some hiking trails, some with ducks & geese, two with small lakes, etc). We finally decided to go check out the park/playground that has a rock climbing area and a flowing, rocky stream. We called a friend, packed a lunch and headed out.

We had a quick snack at the rock climbing area while the various children climbed it. K made it up the sloped side without any help this year and MB actually tackled the vertical climb!! I guess most mother's reactions might run - oh my goodness, I'm glad she didn't get hurt. Mine was, "please don't let her here about the rock climbing gym down the road, she will never let me hear the end of it." I am proud of her though. She failed a couple of times but really stuck with it and made it.

After that we headed down the path to the greenway and the stream. Over the winter the stream must have had a couple of floods because a lot more rocks were exposed on the side. The place is a treasure trove for beginning rock hounds. We have a spot at a bend in the stream where it widens and is shallow. We let them play in the water, EM was soaking wet, and hunt for rocks. MB and her friend Z hunted for the biggest rocks they could carry so that they could walk up the path where the water was deeper and see how big a splash they could make - they called it "splunking".

We found smokey quartz, rose quartz, white quartz and lots of others I couldn't identify. MB brought one home that I think is some type of Mica. It is shimmery green and layered. It is also so soft I can peel the edges with my fingers. I've already made a note that we are going back there soon with our rock identification books before another flood carries all those beautiful stones away.

I remembered to take my camera to the park - but was so caught up in what we were doing, I totally forgot to take it out of my bag. I hate when I do that - there were so many 'picture' moments.

When we came home we found that a dead tree from the woods behind our house and fallen down and across our fence. Amazingly, our wandering dog did not take the chance to escape.

Our neighbor has a chainsaw so he is coming over this morning to help DH cut it up and then DH is going to see if he can repair the fence for the time being. We just need the semblence of a fence there since the children & dogs are so trained to the fact that there is a fence.

DH and I were standing around scratching our heads over the fence when I mentioned duct tape - because you can use it for anything. EM ran off to the garage and came back carrying a roll of tape to her daddy. I think she has seen us use it a time or two.

The girls are going to miss their impromptu balance beam after it is cut up today.

We needed more firewood for next is some that is 'pre-seasoned'

The rest of the afternoon I let the girls watch our "Magic School Bus" videos and MB and I put together a National Geo 'relief' puzzle of the US my mom had found somewhere for a couple of dollars.

A friend of mine that had moved recently stopped by to offer us the stove that was in her 'new' house. They are remodeling the kitchen and the stove is only a couple years old. They are going to give it to us for free and deliver it to our house!! Our stove still works, but it is nearly 40 years old (original to the house) and we are just waiting for it to give up. This will really kick start the needed - temporary renovation of the kitchen. A full renovation won't happen until after we add the new master bathroom and convert the living room to a master bed.

It was a good Friday. We have a busy Saturday planned. Cut up the tree and repair fence, then DH has to go out and do a job (his seasonal work is already starting). I'll hang out here with the young'ns and maybe tackle some of those chores from yesterday.



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Dy said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad your home wasn't damaged!! The poor wandering dog probably figured that falling log was like God's rolled up newspaper and wasn't about to try to slip out that way! And hey, extra firewood, to boot - I'm glad you could get something good out of it. (Did hubby go for the duct tape? That's just precious!)


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