Monday, March 19, 2007

Sunday Baptism

We had a crazy weekend - not my normal two days of laziness that I have instilled over the winter months. Junior's baptism was yesterday - wouldn't it be nice to share pictures - yeah I think so too, but I left the camera here, sitting next to the computer.

Mom came up Saturday since she couldn't get away earlier because of judging 'Battle of the Books" for her county public school system. So, we had to compress all the errand running into Saturday afternoon. We took MB & K with us and had a really good big girls time out. Mom treated us to lunch at the mall where I had to return an easter dress that didn't work for K. Then we hit Target for a sale they had on drinks and then we went to BJs for last minute supplies and a few staples we had run out of at the end of the week.

Mom doesn't have any warehouse stores near her, so she always tries to pick up a few things that are good deals for her. It took us about an hour to wander through there. And, of course I spent over $100 like I always do. But did get flour at $4 for 20lbs and 2lbs of bulk yeast for less than $4.

We brought the girls home after that, they were ready to go play with friends and we needed to pack up the food for Sunday and take it to the in-laws house. Mom and I went back out to Walmart and then headed over to the in laws where we visited without children for an hour or so. It was after 5:30 before we finally got home.

Overnight junior began coughing and snorting, and I started with some sort of back spasms that left me thinking I was going to die. I couldn't decide if I had pnuemonia or experiencing my first asthma attack ever. The muscle spasms were wrapping around from my back to my chest and I couldn't totally expand my lungs. It was so bad I started getting shocky before dh got me into a hot shower which seemed to help the pain. By the time I got out he had feed and changed junior and set him up in the pack 'n' play in our room, sleeping in his car seat. He had also set up the heating pad for me to lay on.

I think we fell back to sleep around 4 and then back up at 7 to finish getting everyone ready to go to church.

The baptism was fine. I'm sure I would have been more into it if I hadn't been concentrating so hard on just trying to stand upright. I really wanted all the girls to stand up there with us, but Em began screaming everytime we tried to get her to come into the sanctuary. I think it had to do with the fact that when she was first in there the grandparents & aunts kept trying to keep her from 'rocking.' She rocks for comfort. I tried to explain to them that she will stop if it hurts and just leave her alone - but the minister kept wanting me to actually concentrate on the liturgical review (like we havn't done this three times already).

Anyway, we were able to avoid the procession following the baptism (where junior is carried around the sanctuary and presented to the congregants while parents follow behind) and tradition I really don't get. I explained to the minister that junior had a cold, so beyond sprinkling with water the minister did not touch junior.

After the baptism I took junior out and picked up Em in the toddler room and we spent the service hanging out in the lounge area. I just don't think any of us were up for large crowds at that point.

We did lunch and hung out afterwards at the in-laws. My family; my mom & stepfather, my dad & stepmother and step-neice had all come up, left late afternoon. We finally scooted out after 4:30 and I came home and went to sleep for two more hours. I woke up to the sound of DH ordering pizza.

Like I said I would like to show pictures, but we don't have any. Because of junior's cold I took off the extremely light-weight outfit that was his father's, immediately after the actual baptism and put him back into a sleeper. So I have been assigned to put him back into the outfit once he is feeling better and snap some pictures for everyone.

Now that the baptism is over I can concentrate on getting things ready for Easter. And, right after that MB & K have two choir concerts that I need to make them black skirts for.

Its Monday and the weather is looking good for this week. So, I'm going to log off and try to get some things done.




Melora said...

Sounds like a very tough day. I hope your back is better!
Poor Em! I rock too, but didn't really realize it until about 20 years ago until I was a bridemaid and saw myself in the wedding video, rocking while the couple said their vows. Yikes! Probably no one would have even noticed ( but the aunts) if Em had been quietly rocking during the baptism.
Our church in Florida did the same thing with newly baptised babies, and I always liked it. I think it is so the congregation can welcome in its newest family member. I would not be keen on it either, though, if my little one were sick.

Dy said...

The baptism sounds nice. I've never heard of taking the child around, either. Our pastors usually just hold 'em up, Lion King style, and say, "behold the newest member of the covenant family" or something. Honestly, by that point in the ceremony, I'm holding one child, and have a death grip on the jacket or tag of another child to keep him out of the flowers. ;-)

Glad you're having a good visit w/ Mom, and hope you have a beautiful week! (Oh, and I'm envious of your bulk yeast. We can't find it anywhere around here, and I cannot tell you how rapidly I fly through those wee little jars. Ugh.)


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