Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our own little climate

Central NC has its own little micro-climate happening. Every spring we seem to start budding, flowering and otherwise turning green faster than other areas of the state. My mom was the first one that pointed out to me that we are as much as a week ahead of the coast in our 'greening' and of course we warm up a little faster than the mountains, by sometimes a month.

Add in the fact the we are abnormally dry & warm for this time of year....I'm almost worried that I didn't get my spring plants in early enough. Should I start planting the summer tender crops?

This weekend I unpacked the spring/summer clothes that I feel like I just put away. I packed away our heavy winter coats. Now we can have that Easter snowstorm. It has happened before.

The worst is that I am already hearing people talk about...turning on their air conditioning. It is MARCH. I have this deal - we will swelter, wrap wet towels around our necks, even walk around the house in a less than dressed way, etc., but the air conditioning does not get turned on until June!!! It doesn't even get hot here until July.

Give us a few more years and we will be the new orange producing state, while Florida is growing bananas for us.

I've noticed that I have been a bad, bad mama and have not posted any pictures of K with all the other pictures. In my own defense, she isn't often outside participating in the mud slings and such. She asked me to take her picture Sunday, when she was 'dressed' for it. I have come to accept that I do have one "girl" in my bunch. I will be loaning her out when it comes time to teach her such things as make-up, hair styling & dressing.

Well I better go and see if I can get today started. I will be challenged by the siren call of the outdoors and the new-to-us pirate ship toy someone dropped in our backyard yesterday (yes I do know who it is from :) )




Melora said...

Wow! Gorgeous azaleas! I'm hoping to plant some in our back yard, but probably not til next year.
We had a hot weekend, and I am worried that I will be planting my roses & cherry trees too late, when they finally come. Nothing to do about it, of course, and the weather was cooler on Monday.

Dy said...

Oh, what a lovely girl she is, Amy! How very sweet!

I asked Zorak a couple weeks back (it dropped to freezing at night, out of nowhere) if he'd mind if I turned on the heat. He snorted and said, "You're the harda$$ cheapskate. You tell me." I presume this comes from my refusal to turn the heat above 60 if he's not home. Or the a/c below 78. LOL.

We've been in the 80's this week, and only the low-to-mid-70's last week, but we have friends who were running their a/c all last week. That threw me for a loop. lol.


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