Monday, March 05, 2007

Spring Cleaning

I've been trying to tackle Spring Cleaning around here. The weather, except for yesterday, has been beautiful and warm - perfect for opening windows and shooing those germs out. I figured we had some time before the pine trees started dropping their pollen. I guess the 'mild' winter has started those trees out earlier this season. The minor cold MB & I had has morphed into pollen allergies. MB hasn't been able to sleep very well for 2 nights even taking her allergy medicine. Thankfully pollen doesn't seem to trouble K at all, Em has a minor runny nose and Junior is still trying to get rid of his head cold, although everyday he is better.

I have managed to clean, sort, reorganize the Family Room. A few more toys went to the give away box in the garage!! Yeah - beating clutter one toy at the time. It actually didn't look like a play room for one day. I also, after talking with the girls, moved EM back into the 'girls' bedroom. All three of them in there, with all the clothes & all the toys. It isn't as much of a nightmare as I thought it would be. And, the last two nights the girls have been really good about going to bed (thankfully we had enacted a staggered bedtime routine several months ago that helps).

This all means that Junior now has a room. And, I am not ready for him to go yet. We moved the changing station back into his room - but left the pack n play set up in our room. I figure we can start him off with nap times in his crib, but for a little while longer he can sleep in our room at night.

It is hard to believe that it has been five months since he was born! The time has flown by. Last night I gave him his first bit of rice cereal - he happily ate 8 spoons. The swallow reflex is all good with him, and I think the switch to solids will be pretty untraumatic. The poor boy needs the solids. Ever since his last growth spurt he takes 8 oz at a feeding (every 4 hours) and has started waking up again at night-hungry. I am already imagining the loan I will have to take out when he is a teenager to keep him feed.

My spring cleaning job today is to clean out the kitchen cabinets, if I don't procrastinate too badly. I figure we will knock out lessons this morning and then send the kids outside for the afternoon and I can have a few uninterrupted hours to take everything out and wipe it all down. Plus I can take an inventory of what we have in there, maybe stay out of the grocery store for a few more weeks.



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