Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring Fever Picture Post

Time to clean off the camera again.

The weather is WONDERFUL!! and only to get better. eee...I could enjoy this all year. Really - mid to upper 70s, no humidity. Yeah this is great.

I'm not quite ready for this, yet...

Em & MB - My December Babies

Last night MB got ahold of the camera and took some shots of us. Some are really good. As you can see Junior is really finding his place in the family with all the little mothers.

Move need to linger here. Why, yes, Junior did get my ears.

Today was garden day. We weeded, planted some more seeds, started a few tomato & pepper plants, and began our container herb garden.

See what I have already....

Baby Broccoli Plants


Leaf Lettuce - the 'variety' pack

And some Spinach, mixed in with the weeds I am afraid to pull since they might bring up the small plants with them.

See all the straw - my children helping, guess what? It wasn't seedless straw...

Here is our miniature greenhouse and herb garden. The one with greenry is the Basil that we cannot kill. I weeded it out of the garden bed last winter and as I threw it to the side some landed in this container - voila.

After we finished in the garden MB asked if she could use one of my buckets. Sure...what harm could they do....

I loved this one. I took off her shirt to find all this mud - under her shirt, and a clover plastered to her body for good measure.
MB was just as muddy, but had turned the hose on herself by this time. We'll just say the water has not warmed up quite as nicely as the air temperature.

K, the whole time - inside wearing a summer party dress.



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Melora said...

Your kids seem to be just as nutty as mine! When they are playing outside, they are insensitive to cold. Being Florida kids, they are enchanted with the possibilities of NC clay when turned to mud, and they both painted themselves completely about a month ago, when it was even colder than it is now. I admire girls' optimism (going out in bathing suits), though I'm still wearing flannel!
I haven't even dug up the place where I hope to have a (very little) veggie garden! I hope I'm not too late.

A family of six living and learning. You might catch us outside in the mud or working on crafts. We always seem to be on the go, come on and join us.