Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Christmas for Me

Last night I was going through my emails when I opened one from the hs support group. It was an FYI from the library that is around the corner from our house. The one we walk to.

It is closing for three months at the end of April for renovations and..... so they don't have to pay to store so many of the books they are asking that we come and check out as many as we want and keep them until....August. I printed off the email to remind my addeled head to go over there in two weeks and gather up all sort of homeschooling materials, knitting/crocheting, cookbooks and whatever else that we may have fun with for the next three months. You just have to check them out so they are not due until May, and we have three week check outs....

I may even pay up my collective library fees out of sheer gratitude.



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