Sunday, April 29, 2007


My children have all had somewhere different that they wanted to be as babies to keep them happy. The trick is finding out what it is. Junior had finally gotten to the age that he just wasn't all that happy to be carried around all the time, and I'm trying not to take it personally that none of my children appreciate attachment parenting past four or five months.

I've ran the gaumet in our house to try and find his 'place' or activity. For MB it was either the floor or exersaucer - she could entertain herself happily. Nada for Junior. The floor is a no go for him and the exersaucer works for about five minutes. I didn't even have to try to comfy sofa/overstuffed chair that worked, and still works, for K. The swing (Em's passion and would still want one if I could find one large enough to hold her) is fine for feeding him, but if food isn't on the horizon he doesn't want to be there either.

Since he will stand up in my lap and 'jump' I figured it may be time to try out one of those doorway jumpers. It just so happened that at my last therapist appointment I mentioned this in our opening, general conversation (the one where she so sneakily converses about family going-ons over the past week to see how homicidal I'm feeling towards either husband or kids) (Really, I'm just joking I don't feel that way about the family). Anyway, she excuses herself for a moment and comes back into the room carrying a doorway jumper. It is free for my use until November!!

I came home and set it up. Junior has found his thing:

As you can see I can move him around depending on where we are. He loves when the other kids & dogs go racing by him, swinging him madly around.

Now I can get back to doing things in longer than 3-minute periods.



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