Monday, April 23, 2007

How did you spend EarthDay 2007

I think we had the perfect weather for Earth Day this year. It was so good we didn't want to be inside, at all.

We stayed here at the house though, as EM is the next participant in spring ickies 2007. She woke up early in the morning spiking a fever. But being the two year old that she is, once the dose of motrin entered her system she was ready to go, and go, and go.

I started off the day hanging clothes outside on the line. I hung clothes and thought about the day. I hung clothes and gave thanks for the beautiful weather. I hung clothes and listened to the birds singing to each other. It was a wonderful meditative exercise in my normal chaotic life.

We finished planting the garden this weekend. The last to go in were a spur of the moment purchase of black bean seeds. I figured they would be fun to try.

Here is the garden bed. From left to right we have planted zuchinni, bush bean, green bell peppers, tomatoes, a volunteer vine (I'm thinking pumpkin), spinach, and broccoli. Along the back of the bed we have butternut squash, onions and carrots.

Back here was my original lettuce and spinach bed. It took a very bad hit from the heavy rains last weekend. The spinach in this bed was decimated except for one plant. On the lettuce side I have one plant doing well, and five others struggling. This was also an experimental, first season bed. Hopefully I can improve it over time.

The potato bed finally decided to start doing something. I hope it is working as hard underground as all that greenery it has sent up in the last couple of weeks.

Over here I will have cucumbers (in the container with the latice), trying Roma tomatoes from seeds (a little experiment for getting later season tomatoes) in the other square container, and the round container has the black bean bush seeds.

Here is another view of the garden bed. I love looking and seeing all these things growing. I don't have a black thumb!

We also opened up some of the Easter basket gifts that were not appropriate for the weather we had over Easter and following. Junior finally got to watch the automated Pooh bubble blower in action. And EM played with her new HUGE collection of bubble blowing wands.

We finished up the day playing soccer in the front yard. DH and I against MB and a friend. K served as our cheerleader and 'junior-sitter' while EM was the moving hazard on the game field. It was fun and we played right up until 8pm when the friend's mom called for him to come home. It was only then that we even thought about dinner.

We ordered chinese, got comfy on the couch and watched this week's installment of Plant Earth.

A good day was had by all.




Gem said...

Looking at your garden bed reminds me of the giant sandbox my husband built for the kids in our tiny backyard. I'm thinking once they outgrow it, I'm going to appropriate it . . .

Amy said...

Good eye! That was a sandbox that was here when we moved in. We tried to use it with MB but had too much trouble with the neighbor's cat. When we went to get rid of it, I had dh move it to the side yard where we have sun to use as a raised bed.

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