Friday, April 27, 2007

Homemade Baby food

Had I known how easy it was to make my own baby food I would have not waited until my fourth child to do this. I am having lots of fun with it. Junior never turns it down, except for bananas - he doesn't seem to like bananas. And, I can whistle my way right past those 2 oz jars for $.54 each on the grocery store shelves.

In our freezer right now we have frozen cubes of: butternut squash, apple/banana puree, blueberry/banana puree, and sweet potatoes. In less than 10 minutes I can also freshly prepare green beans, peas or carrots from the frozen bags. In my frig is my large jar of (natural, old-fashioned - basic apples, water, citric acid) applesauce and large tub of vanilla yogurt. The only thing I have chosen not to make are rice or oatmeal cereal.

I didn't have to buy anything new and I don't have to shop very hard to find appropriate foods. I was already using the unsweetened, old-fashion applesauce for us and our stores carry a generic brand of it. Bags of frozen veggies are perfect and fast. Often I will just seperate out enough for him before I season and cook for the rest of us. My normal, everyday blender works perfectly for pureeing. And since we don't have an ice maker we have plenty of ice cube trays to freeze in.

The best thing is that I don't have to think "I'm running low on babyfood and need to go to the store." We always have food right here to give him.



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