Sunday, April 15, 2007

Something for me

The week has gotten better, I've gotten better. The medicine kicked in so I no longer looked as if I was doing a very bad Katherine Hepburn imitation. Unfortunately I came down with a head cold on the other side of my adrenal overload. Tends to happen to me as stress overloads my immune system and I will come down with whatever is floating in the air at the time.

Amazingly we actually did accomplish some schoolwork this week!! Having something like that to concentrate on does make it easier than rambling around the house thinking about how bad I feel. And by Friday I was actually able to pick up my crochet needle again to work on the bag I had to set aside a couple of weeks ago. That is one way that I could tell I was improving.

Yesterday morning we had a yoga session. The first one we have actually tried since I found out I was pregnant with junior. I did my yoga DVD and then put one in for the girls to do. We had forgotten how much fun we could have with it. Of course I have to admit during my turn the comments from the peanut gallery were a little disturbing.
"Its okay (mom) that you are not as flexible as her. She's like in her twenties, and you are just older than that"

"When you bend over your head is supposed to be touching the block. Why isn't your head touching the block?"

The girls had their first of two choir performances last night. This was the one for the homeschool group art festival. DH took them and my sniffly, coughing self stayed home with the little ones. They did very well and DH did enjoy himself. Of course convincing him to go without me was kind of like pulling teeth. Tuesday night they will have another, longer performance mainly for family and such. My mom will be in town to attend so I will go to that one. After that Choir will be done for the year. The girls have really enjoyed it, but can you feel the excitement - one by one we are reducing our class load. Tuesday will become another day that we can plan activities for us and not feel like we are working around a noon class.

I did something wild and crazy and just for me yesterday afternoon. I had this need to do something to feel better about myself. I had this huge mane of hair - it is thick and curly (thank you pregnancy hormones from junior) and all I ever seemed to do was pull it back into a pony tail. About three months ago I had gotten so frustrated with it that I actually had DH just give me a blunt cut. But I never seem to do anything with my appearance. It is always so secondary in my life.

Once DH was home from working I went to the haircut place in the shopping center and told them to cut. I told them Reese Witherspoon from "Sweet Home Alabama", but the hairdresser got a little scissor happy and it is a shorter version of that hair cut. It looks good, but what I didn't expect was that I really have curly hair now. I've always had wavy hair if I let it grow out. But, short - it was always straight. She cut all these layers in the back and they just want to curl up. When I stood up 7 and 10-inch strands of hair fell from my lap.

Then I picked up a box of haircolor (Light Auburn) the closest to my childhood hair color. I came home and colored my hair.

I can honestly say that I've probably managed to cut five years off of my physical appearance (meaning I'm looking a little bit closer to the age I am actually). It was a great boost to my spirit. To do something meaningless, yet just for me.

The kids had a mixed bag reaction:
MB did not like it at all. She wants me to have my longer hair back.
K wants a hair cut just like it.
Em keeps repeating "cut hair?" and touching my head and then her head
Junior keeps studying me intensely, showing off all his worry lines on his forehead.

Not going to do anything wild and crazy today. The weather is horrible and I am going to stay home and rest. I want to be able to move into next week ready to tackle what comes.


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Dy said...

Oh, that does feel good, doesn't it? What did hubby think? Zorak's always so patient with me and the things I do to my hair. :-) Do we get a picture of you and the new 'do?

I'm glad you're feeling better.


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